Cardboard is fantastic. It's flexible, sturdy and the ideal sculpting material. Hence, I live with Doris and a cardboard fireplace. Both are made completely from paper and card, with no paint being used.




phone boxes

Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the red telephone box is a design classic. His first was a K2, in 1924, and was replaced in 1936 by the jubilee box, the K6. This is no place to drone on about the K1, the K3 (a particularly exciting concrete kiosk), or the K4 (a thrilling phone box / post box combination!), because if you dont care, you wont read it, and if you do care and have tracked down my web page because of your passion for phone boxes, please contact me! iain.baker@btinternet.com


The K2

(Albert Bridge, London)



The K6

(The Hythe, Colchester)






the cardphone

The British Telecom decision to rip up the red box was a crime. I weep most days when I think about it. So in tribute, I built my own cardboard K6 the Cardphone. The Cardphone is a 90% scale model of a K6 mark 1 King George V crown. It's made out of corrugated cardboard, OHP acetates, glue and split peas. It was officially opened on 23rd February 1996 by the Mayor of Cheltenham, Councillor Les Freeman. 

During Construction



Opened by the 

Mayor of Cheltenham






sea  glass

Having lived at Clacton on Sea, I collected tons of glass off the beach. I took lessons at a local stained glass workshop, and made this Sea Glass Tiffany Lamp.








Also a great passion of mine see my pictures in my gallery






folding caravans!

How old must I be - I have my own caravan! But how fantastic is the way it folds away?! And it certainly made Scandinavia affordable...






biblical archaeology

I have written guides to help people get the best from the British Museum and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Throughout the museums you'll discover amazing artefacts from Bible times. 



If you'd like a copy, email me. iain.baker@btinternet.com







Lions from the Processional Way, Babylon

The Pergamon Museum, Berlin





Best of all hes amazing! Find out why, and why there is a choice we all must face which of two ways to live, by clicking here





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